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On Publishing CREED

The novel, CREED, is my first published work and is scheduled for release on May 10, 2012. This is a brief history of what inspired me to write it and how it came to be published.

Two years ago David (my partner) and I traveled to Morocco. While in Morocco we had the opportunity to journey through Fez, the Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh, Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier. Never having visited an Islamic country before, it was an incredibly eye-opening experience. The food was spicy, but appetizing; the culture was rich with traditions and customs, and the people were fairly friendly, but wary of us.  I took particular notice that Moroccans have some the most beautiful facial features I have ever seen. Among the many people I met was Hamid, a young college student with olive skin tone and sky-blue eyes.

I met Hamid while shopping at the Medina in Casablanca. He spoke four languages and had the most interesting story to tell. I spent most of the afternoon walking the Medina with him. On the return trip home, Hamid’s story remained in my mind. He became the inspiration for the Moroccan storyline in CREED. In later blogs I’ll share more of Hamid’s story with you.

The main character in CREED, Theo, is a composite of friends, acquaintances and other contacts that I have known or come across over the years while living in Northern New Mexico. Theo’s background and the main plot of the story is weaved from some very disturbing tales of growing up in severely dysfunctional environs.

When I finished the CREED manuscript, I entered it in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) contest. The competition is open to 5000 manuscripts that are eventually whittled down in a series of eliminations to the top three entries. CREED made the quarterfinalist cut to the top 250 entries and received a Publishers Weekly review. The review read:

“A thriller with puzzling twists aplenty, this manuscript will make a reader’s head spin…the manuscript creates a web in which the innocents are the accused, the accusers are the criminals, and the plot doesn’t stop gyrating until the very end…”

After CREED failed to qualify as a semifinalist (top 50) or win any of the top three entries, I sent the manuscript to three publishers. Cathy LaNoir, the publisher for Regal Crest contacted me several weeks later with a contract offer. She was friendly and forthright. We negotiated the contract and the rest is history.

I feel extremely fortunate that CREED was picked up by Regal Crest. Their staff has been very helpful and supportive. I look forward to long relationship with Regal Crest.

As for CREED, I hope you find it entertaining and that it leaves you with a semblence of relevance in your life’s walk.

Please feel free to write me with your thoughts, stories or whatever else you feel an urge to share.


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